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Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Tina's parents were just in the way. You may know him as Prince Gernia. To add suspense and a feeling of urgency to their quest, every episode closes off with a counter of how many days are left for the girls to stop the outbreak of the war. As he was about to shoot Renaldo, Bergerac took his pistol, destined to kill Renaldo, and kill his lieutenant.

It is revealed that Rodin is the infamous Death Wasp murdered who slew Tina's parents. Tina uses one, despite the mostly fantasy setting. The city of Dust Lust is basically a town full of these. Not as much as in many shows of its type, but there is occasionally a tension between Rita and Tina. Toshiyuki Kusuda Prince of Sangatras, to whom Rita was betrothed.

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For both practical and symbolic reasons, Princess Rita cuts her hair in the second episode. Surprisingly, for a sheltered princess, Rita is quite proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Sherry, though Cyrano may also count. Bergerac could not do such and warned Renaldo about it, but not before he got caught by his lieutenant. As the guards of both parties arrive on scene, Rita is forced to flee with Tina.

The Mayor from the third episode. Surely many anime series encounter poorly constructed plots with unbelievable evolutions, but on such a short episode run, this really sticks out as a sore eye.

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Sisters of Wellber

Rita enters into one with Gernia to avoid war with Sangratras. Weiss A much-trusted military officer of King Hydel. Yuuichi Nagashima A highly mobile and unusually well-armed tankette with an advanced A.

However, he later reveals to her that he was part of a special unit that got decimated in a battle. Cyrano is equipped with two shield-like amovible panels, a small sub-cannon and a powerful main cannon, which renders him asleep after its use. Technically, he was only mad for a short period, and for good reason, but has always had a talent for precognition regardless. Most of the characters take their shot, usually when someone needs to carry the Idiot Ball. Upon seeing the death bodies of his comrades, Rodin went insane for a moment and killed dozens of citizens and soldiers.

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The kingdom of Sangatras declares that if princess Rita is not captured and executed within two weeks, they will declare war and invade Wellber. On the second season, Sisters of Wellber Zwei, the gang arrived at Greedom just in time to prevent a war between Wellber and Sangatras. She intentionally uses less gunpowder to make her shots non-lethal, however. However, the lieutenant took one last breath and mortally shot Bergerac to the chest. Rodin, after he is confronted with killing Tina's parents.

The soundtrack is good, it fits a fantasy adventure series perfectly, and the opening theme certainly creates that very atmosphere. It is in fact Rita and Tina's character interaction and development that makes watching the series enjoyable, surely their chemistry is not of stellar proportions but it works well. Tina, who uses low-powder shots to make her shots non-lethal. Hearing about him being sighted in Sangratras was one of the reasons she volunteered to guard Rita. Galahad, Galahad, Galahad, what will we ever do with you?

Rambernoff Ruler of the Kingdom of Sangatras. He sells the items that Tina steals on the black market. Sir Cyrano de Bergerac, a sentient tank, who has actually been given the title of Duke. Played straight with Sherry, but possibly justified in that she's a fairy. Cyrano and Rita keep to relatively polite modes of speech, while Tina and Sherry and most of the rest of the cast tend to be far less formal.

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Upon seeing the dead bodies of his comrades, Rodin went insane for a moment and killed dozens of citizens and soldiers. The lesser elements I mentioned above did leave a me a bit disappointed, luckily I still was able to enjoy the series as a whole. Each of the main characters has probably two or three outfits, tops.

Worse, in that same episode Jamille is shown in Sangatras, and but a few scenes later on the very same day she appears in another rcountry, having even crossed the sea. The first time Tina sees Rita. All of the men in Dust Lust, at least. Bergerac used to be a normal human being before living as a tank.

How Tina and Rita manage to escape from the search party in Dust Lust. Tina, a female burglar that broke into the royal palace that same day blunders into Rita's bedroom only to discover that princess Rita has stabbed prince Gernia.

The petition to the King of Sangratas to try and avoid war. Tina is very skilled with her pistols, but prefers not to kill people. Well, it was that or get executed, so she didn't really have much choice. She was hired by Weiss as Rita's bodyguard, and the two of them have set out for the kingdom of Greedom, where Tina hopes to find the murderer of her parents. He also serves as an advisor for Rita.

He sends his son Gernia to marry Rita while plotting to wage war against Wellber at the same time. Ruler of the Kingdom of Wellber. Rita must travel on a secret diplomatic mission to the remote Kingdom of Greedom in a last ditch attempt to prevent a full-scale war between Wellber and Sangatras. He was one of Wellber's royal guards who met Renaldo Vinci, a frail but famous engineer, moyeu dating and quickly became fascinated by his work.

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On two occasions Tina is injured, once in the arm and once in the leg, both wounds are shown as severe but the next episode they seem to be miraculously healed. Especially character art is outstanding, background paintings and scenery are very atmospheric and succeed in pulling you in medieval fantasy environment. What Prince Gernia seems to have been trying to do to Rita when we first see her, and the reason she stabbed him. In the play, he not only a writer, but also France's greatest swordsman. Prince Gernia is actually a serial killer who collects women's eyes, and he wanted Rita's bad.