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Rousey and the Rock celebrated in the ring, while the Authority retreated with the implication of revenge. She occasionally dates him, but these outings always become disasters often due to Garfield's actions.

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Garfield's mouse friend who takes place of his mouse friend Squeak from the comics. He then helped her into the ring and said that she would be happy to hit McMahon for him. Whenever this happens, he threatens to beat up Jon. Acres has twice been stuck as the fall guy of their routines. Even those who were not agreed the match was entertaining.

Booker and Sheldon's parents are unseen in the show, but their mother is mentioned by Orson to have abandoned them. Nermal seems kind and playful but frequently tends to annoy Garfield by bragging about how much cuter he is.

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Out of all the main characters in this segment, she seems to be the nicest to Orson. Usually Roy or on rare occasions Wade or Sheldon is the one to thwart him. The farm's local psychiatrist badger who's named after Edward R. An affable sheep with a positive, laid-back attitude, whose mannerisms and vernacular are similar to a California beach bum. Found in a drawer, he is Garfield's only toy.

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They usually dump him because of Garfield. McMahon tried to slap her, was blocked and Rousey grabbed her arm, teasing an armbar, before throwing her out of the ring. An adolescent crow who appeared in two episodes. However Rousey faced Charlotte Flair at the event who replaced an injured Lynch and won via disqualification after Flair brutally attacked her with a kendo stick.

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And before each fight she glares at her opponent as if she were getting ready to put a permanent end to a lifelong feud. In an early episode, it was revealed that Sheldon actually did hatch but that under his shell was nothing more than another shell. Road House would have marked her biggest acting job to date.

Though seemingly afraid of everything, Wade's greatest fear is the Weasel. He makes a small handful of appearances on U. He made two attempts to steal from Jon's home.

Roy became jealous of him, although when Plato proved too cowardly to save the chickens from the weasel, he was thrown out of the farm. He is often annoyed by some of Garfield's antics, and also has an unrequited love for Dr. Garfield's sarcastic veterinarian and Jon's main love interest.

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Booker's twin brother, who, despite having hatched, still lives in his egg with his feet popped out of the shell so he can walk. He also tries to convince Garfield to do the right thing whenever the cat gets into trouble.

He appeared on six episodes. After a staredown, The Rock attacked Triple H. Swindler, He tries to get Jon to buy some cheap junk. He appears in every season of the show only in one or few episodes each.

Vanda's mission is to destroy all sports in the galaxy since fairness disgusts her. He travels to Earth on a mission to promote teamwork and sportsmanship. Sport Billy Productions, owners of the Sport Billy franchise, free hookup apps android licensed the property to American studio Filmation to create a cartoon based on the character. Each episode the trio travel through time to save a different Earth sport from Queen Vanda's grasp.

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The character was used as a mascot in many sporting youth programs internationally, promoting sportsmanship and fair play. Billy himself has a magic size-changing gym bag - the Omni-Sack - which produces various tools as he needs them. An unnamed fox who has more of a goofy personality than the weasel.

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Wade's highly annoying cousin who wears a parachute when flying because he's secretly afraid of heights. She gave me this one piece of advice, which I still hold dear. He usually is sensitive about his girlfriends so he usually pounds Garfield, but still does not win their hearts. Garfield often attempts usually unsuccessfully to mail him to Abu Dhabi as a result. Their television show once replaced Binky's, and Roy Rooster of U.