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Damn Why is my number still up? Have been locked out of my account. Several people are awaiting a reply from me. Have called twice no return call - left an email address no one contacted me. No one called back at all.

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This process will be time-consuming. Major the person using his picture and a email address had me fooled, but I didn't give any information to him. Kindly delete both my accounts.

Need you to look into what screwup was done on your end add days to my account and contact me. It says that master robot had melt down to try later. Or the Government are going to come after you guys. And the person was using Raymond F.

Member have never violated anything. Or is it that we are just supposed to keep wading through them endlessly? Appreciated your help on this matter. Through any social media platform, you can connect with them. How can I just reactivate it.

The team at the help desk will be happy to help you with any concern of yours. My son in law open and paid for the account for me.

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This is a serious matter and is being investigated by the F. Last week your company withdrew another years fee from me causing several checks to bounce. Numerous times i have written in the feedback section request for help.

Adamslaw, it's a paid account. Haven't a clue what's going on.

This is the second time I wrote in to complaint, but still hear no feed back. The ad-free feature is only for those who are paid, great speed dating questions customers. None of which i can utilize. To date no one has responded to my request and inquiry.