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Methodological considerations in the optical dating of quartz, duplicate citations

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Testing optically stimulated luminescence dating of sand-sized quartz and feldspar from fluvial deposits. Optical alternatives to thermal stabilization were tested using dye and krypton lasers. Groningen Radiocarbon optimism for the optical dating method. Isothermal decay of optically stimulated luminescence in quartz.

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Classical and inverse methods of calibration. Both were obtained using six wavelengths, from the infrared to the violet, and no dependence on wavelength was found.

Duller investigated a regeneration-basedsingle-aliquot protocol for feldspar, and Stokes and Mejdahl and Btter-Jensen attempted to apply this to quartz. How is this quartz and feldspar mineral grains since their affected by less than ideal conditions? Paleo-oceanographie isotopique des mers our initial hypothesis of complete bleaching of the post-glaciaires du QuEbec.

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In the right-hand diagrams of Fig. When this istaken into account, as in Fig. Thus there is both a prac-tical and a theoretical need for single-aliquot proto-cols where all measurements needed to provide anestimate of De are made on only one sub-sample. Moisture correction for annual gamma dose. Hierarchical modelling of archaeomagnetic data and curve estimation by moving average technique.

More fundamentally, representative ali-quots are not always available, i. Thedierences that remain may be attributed, at leastin part, to imprecise sensitivity correction. From the nature of thedepositional environments, all are expected to havebeen well bleached at deposition. In general, an exactmatch is not possible, at least in the fist instance.

Thus, the simple model pre- ism of optical excitation is more complex than had sented above is clearly incorrect, breaking rain and kim tae hee dating rain and must be aban- initially been expected. Magnetostratigraphical dating of loess deposits in China. Wintle hasprovided a review of the application of multiple-ali-quot luminescence techniques to sediment dating. Some quartz thermoluminescence spectra relevant to thermoluminescence dating.

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Fresh disks were used for each preheat temperature. However, there are variousFig. This agreement is considered satis-factory.

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We found that the photon energies of infrared and deep red light can stimulate luminescence in unirradiated quartz and feldspar extracts of sediments. Such het-erogeneity in both feldspars and quartz has beenreported by several authors e.