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You couldn't erase the past, or kill it, or wish it out of existence. However, it also lead to some dragging issues in the middle. We were all trapped in that cycle of time, just circling around the core of yesterdays.

It's hateful to be a victim, Cade. There was a languidness, thick, humid, slowly fanning yourself on the porch while you sip iced tea, that I thought slowed the pace the down. This story is more of an ensemble piece with a secondary romance that I kind of wish got its own book and two handfuls of family and townspeople edging into the spotlight. This, along with the slow almost murky like way of the atmosphere of the story, kept the main couple's romance from being felt. You gotta have some sweet Iced Tea.

Carolina Moon - Lilien im Sommerwind

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That escalates with each victim. There are clues to who the murderer is but I wanted more insight into them, candle on the water anneliese van der pol dating instead of one ending scene where thoughts and motivations are relayed concisely but quickly.

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By trying to keep it contained, as always, I thought I'd limit the fear and humiliation. If you're looking for an unhurried heavy on the family dynamics, mystery, with some romance, and love iced tea, this would be a well written option. Makes you feel exposed and angry and somehow guilty at the same time. Nor could you will away the present or change what was coming. Sometimes those yesterdays were strong enough, willful enough, to suck you back no matter how hard you struggled.

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There was some physical violence, particularly in the facial area. There was a Lifetime Movie made and the following are some pictures from it.

Our hero Cade was the brother of Tory's bestfriend that was murdered and he never truly felt fully fleshed out for me.

Cade's family has the emotional pain of losing a daughter and sibling, swirling around and tearing them apart. It was fairly obvious to me.

Lilien Im Sommerwind by Nora Roberts