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If you're feeling charitable, you can steal a police cruiser from one of the police stations in the game.

You need to get your hands on one, and then store it in Michael's garage. You can call for backup, after which the cops will defend you if they see you in a fistfight or a firefight. You can also find sheriff stations in Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.

Transporters are usually seen in road blocks and will deploy spike strips. The dispatcher will send a car your way.

Anyway, let's get started. They are also accused of having oral sex with prostitutes. Police Bikes may also be used in chases but are usually only found parked near police stations. Once that is done, call over the police.

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Try tasering the suspects. Do you want to clear the slate and fight for law and order?

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The police will arrive in cars containing two police officers. During a shootout with the police, if an officer or pedestrian is shot another officer may risk their own life to pull them to safety behind a wall or vehicle. The video clip above will work you through the process.

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Unfortunately, the list is pretty short. So finding something to do as a police officer is your next challenge.

All the police stations in the city of Los Santos. You'll probably get chased, meaning you'll have to lose your wanted level to proceed, but that'd be the worst of it. So keep that in mind if you're still playing through the story. You can find the Rockstar Editor by pausing the game and then scrolling through the main menu categories.

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The Police Buffalo in the Downtown area and Police Cruiser are used to patrol the city and to apprehend low level criminals with Predators patrolling the Pacific Ocean surrounding the city. If you see police officers engaged in a traffic stop, feel free to give them a hand. Steal a police cruiser You can't be a police officer without a police car, right? If you see police officers chasing down a speeding car, stubenwagen matratze testsieger dating you can join in. From there you can jump in your stolen police cruiser and get to work!

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