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Arlene Chelsea, London Fresh faced with a stunning natural beauty, Arlene is one of the most enchantling ladies. The snorkelling trip was good, even though I had hoped for a smaller group. Brook joined me on this trip, it felt good to have a partner in crime.

The perfect welcome to my last stop on this trip. Sasha Various Areas The great thing about Sasha is that she's so easy going - you'll both have the time of your life when she comes around! The hiking tour, however, was an experience of a different kind.

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It is part of the maritime nature reserve, which makes it a great spot for wildlife watching, snorkelling, diving and enjoying emerald blue waters. If you would float still in the water the fish would come up close, only inches away from your goggles and look at you. And am still in touch with Nia, the other single lady in the group, who I will definitely meet again when I am back at home.

Unfortunately most of the corals we saw were dead though, which is a very real reminder of what we do to our environment. And I had the table closest to the stage, so everyone could have a good look at me sitting there by myself. And I am not sure if I am ready to face reality. Luckily I wore hiking boots, long trousers and a long sleeve shirt, despite the heat, as we had to fight our way through the bush. Gives me butterflies just thinking about it.

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Ruby sky Swqg I am a fun, friendly, naughty sexy and cheeky girl. She is all natural, sexy, fun model. The slightest noise or sudden move and they take to the air, startled.

And from that point the evening turned out to be so much more fun. Apart from that, I had a lovely time on the island. The hotel next door had a fabulous band playing, so we snug over there, managed to get free champagne, watched a fire performance at the beach, saw their fireworks and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Esenia West Kensington Esenia is the type of girl who could you make your pulse race with just a smile.

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It certainly was not what I expected. Despite insect repellent I discovered that a leech had attached itself to my ankle. Francesca Bayswater This goddesse is definately stunning and really hard to forget! Originally I had planned to drop my luggage at the airport and then go back into the city for some sightseeing.

So, break up casual dating what kind of disabled dating creature are you? Sky Mayfair Sky is our stunning blonde bombshell.

Amy Chelsea, London Cute as a button and as pretty as a picture, Amy is all of this and more! Gosh, his kisses were quite something. Now I am in the car again on my way back to Bangkok. Oxygena Queensway Are you the kind of gentleman who likes their ladies perky and innocent but with a subtle sprinkling of kink?

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The hotel arranged a compulsory Gala Dinner, which included a big buffet, some cultural performances and a fire show. These flamingos will take to the wing at the slightest mention of meeting, or taking things to a more serious level.