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However, many people with Spanish surnames contest the term Latino. It is not inclusive, it is not open to differing opinions, who is jacque reid dating it is an AstroTurf movement of the Republican Party to pander to Latinos. Latinos Rebels claims what Tequila Party is having a hard time claiming. When and why the Latino identity came about is a more involved story.

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We just want to inform voters about the intentions of this group. Essentially, politicians, the media, and marketers find it convenient to deal with the different U. Marketing says that anything that will cause you a headache with your potential audience needs to be retooled. The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, which proclaims itself the champion of Hispanic success in higher education, has member institutions in the U.

For that matter, we could have called ourselves the Sombrero Party. If a high profile person, Republican or Democrat, had called us that as a joke, we would have found it offensive. Varela viewed that exchange as a threat for legal action.

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In it, she asked Latino Rebels to speak to her lawyer if they have any further issues. The Tequila Party declined several requests to address a change of name. They launched a poll regarding the Tequila Party name.

This movement is non-partisan and although is not about tequila, its first sponsor was Tequila Don Abraham. We will be promoting and working with more legitimate and credible organizations such as VotoLatino.

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Surely we can come up with something more creative. Thus, singling Cubans and Puerto Ricans out as unaffected by the consequences of immigration is right out laughable, at best. This is all public information. His priorities are mixed up and have been from the get-go. When I read the headline, I thought the name was a joke, like creating a Mojito Party in Miami, which everyone might think is a place to go and get drunk and have fun.

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Spanish-speaking people under one umbrella. For now at least both sides are sticking to their point of view.

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Varela has been working for the last couple of months on petitioning through Change. From a diversity standpoint, the name has no value. Granted that most of undocumented immigrants residing in the U.

He has the power to go after the Tea Party movement, but goes after the Latin counter movement of the Tea Party instead. In my opinion, a lot of energy may be spent criticizing the name before even addressing the issues. Luis Gutierrez for Illinois. If the Tequila Party is serious about working together and not blocking us or legally threatening us, we would still be happy to work with them, but the name has to go. Attempts have been made to introduce gender neutral language into Spanish by changing the ending of Latino.

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