18 dating 16 uk, 18 year old boy dating 17 year old girl

When I consider the changes I experienced in attitude, general knowledge of how the world works, maturity, sense of empathy, etc. That's pretty clearly in not-weird territory. It's different in every state, but usually that would be totally legal.

It depends on all sorts of things. And to anyone else who responds, thank you very much in advance. If you get her pregnant, you're going to fuck up both her, and your lives forever.

As long as you're mentally at a similar level, relax. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Talk to her brother and see how he feels about it. It's all about timing, man.

Hi, I hope you can help me, although I feel my decision is a correct one. Many teens are trying but failing at relationships and they could use being matched with other singes in the area. That's a gap I'd say depends on the individuals - could be an issue, could be not at all an issue. Here's the thing a lot of people get really confused about with age differences in relationships. Hi im charlotte and i am sixteen and i am looking for a boyfriend of your age so if your interested email me on hhlottie hotmail.

Hey what's your name and your age also are u looking for a love relationship xxx. And since most girls won't look past looks and never get to personality, many people don't stand a chance compared to sports stars who will take their girl for granted. Im attracted to skinny white guys, indiana haha.

Impression wanna impress your friends with a hot date or getting your friends or parents to get off you're back for not dating for a long time or never or just to get laid no explanation needed. Honestly I wouldn't trust dating sites unless you actually face time and talk to the person through phone. Is a year-old dating a year-old weird?

17 year old dating a 18 year old

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Those people are serious because they are paying money to find someone. By the way, I live in Texas. We were just goo goo over each other and it really did not matter.

What do you think fellow fisherman? Legality sake it's not all that great but other than that I don't judge. Leave her be and let her start worrying about her future. Why would they put this up anyway. My fiance is older than I am.

It could be literally anywhere. That would have been weird. Thank You for your support and I hope you enjoy. Can i become anyone's boyfriend.

Looking for a gf it'd be awesome if you lived in mississippi but doesn't really matter. Not interested in things getting sexual anyway. Seems like it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Here is how this website works. Seriously, it's right there. No seeking medical advice. Hello and welcome to my website. Click on the yellow button that say New Thread.

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If you begin a relationship now, not only will it be considered inappropriate by everyone surrounding your lives family, friends, etc. Do not complain about other subs here or post to push an agenda. They just wanted there daughter to be happy and she was when she was with me so really they were not going to say no. Not generally I don't think.

  1. Male and of the age of sixteen to seventeen.
  2. Sure we got lots of people making jokes on us and we had to be careful about her parents and what not but really it did not effect like at all.
  3. You're in the same life stage as the juniors though.
  4. Sure you might get some ass hat parents now an again but most should be pretty chill.
  5. It's none of their business.
  6. If I am wrong please let me know I was vary confused at understanding the law.

Otherwise it doesn't seem that weird. Why is this question still open? It should not exist and i doubt they exist. Exclusively for year olds only. It is located on the left hand side of the screen.

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An 18 year old dating a 16 year old

If we're playing statistics or overall trends and not talking about your one individual experience though, it's safe to make certain calls. This is not your personal soapbox. Honestly I wouldnt let it bother me.


Our most popular destinations for legal help are below. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question. If you show good intentions and won over his trust then maybe things will go easier on that front. So it doesnt matter if you are looking for love, and impressible date to show off, a date, or just to get lucky, post you're info and send a reply. No one cares about your unsolicited assessment of character.

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Tools given to a person to help them become a better person ie. At that age people have a lot of differences in maturity. Three years isn't that much time in the long run, but when you're a teenager, it's a huge deal. My off the cuff answer is yes. As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions, and not serve as a debate subreddit.

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My first suggestion is that you post your question in the appropriate section, not under Forum Rules. Whether you are a woman or a man, ano please do not speak for all women or all men. It depends on the culture. It would definitely be wise to wait until she's older though. But im sixteen and english.

As long as they're legal age! And I don't know why people are helping you with this question. Some of these forum folks are just dying to criticize someone. This is an under eighteen site. Please be inclusive with question phrasing.

Anyway, if you can remain friends until you're both of age, maybe you can pursue a relationship then, based on your successful friendship. My cell is broke so text my uncles phone and ask for me. So do drop me a line sometime!

18 year old boy dating 17 year old girl

It's weird because you're at fundamentally different points in one's life. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? It's quite simply a matter of the brain not being developed to that point. Its your and her decision ultimately, but don't be surprised if you don't quite seem to be able to communicate well. Why punish relationships just because one turns jailbait?

18 year old boy dating 17 year old girl

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